Individual Therapy

Starting therapy is a brave and exciting step. It can bring a mixture of relief, anxiety and anticipation. We’ll begin therapy by talking about what you are hoping to get out of it. It is my job to keep those goals in the back of my mind so that we can continue to move toward them and so that you see yourself making progress. I believe that you are the expert of your experiences and your needs, even if they are not clear yet. My objective is that you will leave each session feeling understood and hopeful.

How does ACT come in to play?

You may be wondering what ACT looks like in individual therapy. There are no handouts, workbooks or homework sheets (unless you’d like them!). In fact, you may never hear the term “ACT” after your first session.  More than anything, ACT is a new way of looking at our thoughts, feelings and what helps us change. Therapy is about you and your unique needs and goals. ACT is a path that I believe helps you get there. It’s more important that you see the growth you are looking for rather than knowing the names of specific skills or technical concepts. ACT therapy will probably feel like other types of therapy in the following ways:

  • It’s a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to share any thought, feeling or experience that is on your mind.
  • We’ll discuss the areas of your life where you are feeling stuck, and the barriers that exist to getting unstuck.
  • You’ll think about the things in your life that you’d like to change, and each session we’ll come up with small steps to get you closer to that vision.
  • When it’s helpful, we’ll talk about past experiences and how they may impact your thoughts and feelings today.

Conversely, ACT therapy may feel a bit different in the following ways:

  • We won’t try to get rid of the thoughts are feelings that are bothering you (*part of the catch is that this isn’t really possible). Instead, we’ll learn how to live fully while those experiences are present.
  • In therapy we’ll talk about what is most important to you and what makes you feel like you are living a meaningful life, rather than a “successful” or “productive” one.
  • We’ll focus on the “here and now” and try to spend as much time as we can in the present moment…this is where the action is after all!

If this sounds exciting or intriguing to you, reach out at 202-904-0011 to learn more.

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