Giulia Suro, Ph.D., CEDS

Hi there. Finding a therapist in Washington, D.C. can be stressful and time consuming. It’s tough to figure out who will be the best fit to help you meet your needs and reach your goals. On this page I hope to provide you all the information you may need to decide if we’ll work well together.

A Psychologist in Washington, D.C.

I am a native Washingtonian, and currently a licensed psychologist living and working in Washington, D.C. I grew up in Northwest DC and am familiar with the culture of this area. After college I moved to New York City and received my masters from Colombia University before completing my doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Miami. After graduate school I spent a year at the Miami VA doing an intensive internship in PTSD. Next, I began working for an eating disorders treatment center and spent several years there as a post-doc, primary therapist and eventually a clinical director. After having my son Hank, my family returned back to the DC area to be closer to home.

Over the course of my training and education, I was exposed to many therapeutic approaches and techniques. I always knew I loved therapy and the power of the therapeutic connection, but I struggled to connect with a lot of the theories that I was being taught. They all made sense on paper, but didn’t seem to completely fit when I tried to put them in to practice. Some clients would really resonate with one approach while it would be a total miss for someone else.

Along Came ACT…

It wasn’t until 2009 that I learned about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and many things clicked. I love that the ACT model pushes you to think about what’s really important, to connect with your values, and to build a life based on what’s meaningful. Many of my clients share that they are frustrated with the thoughts in their head. I’ve found that ACT’s approach to changing our relationship with our thoughts, rather than the thoughts themselves, is empowering and effective. I love seeing the look of relief on clients’ faces when they develop these skills and see them work. It was ACT that finally got me to establish a mindfulness routine that lasted more than a few days. If you can’t tell, I’m very passionate about this ACT thing and these are just a few of the reasons why I love it.

To learn more about ACT, check out my workbook Learning to Thrive (featured on this website). It is my second baby and a great source of pride.

Getting Unstuck

Whether it’s the first phone call or the fifth session, I’ve found that at some point nearly all of my clients tell me that they feel stuck and are tired of it. For some, this stuckness may mean not living a life that is as rich or fulfilling as they would like and feeling like they are falling short. For others, this could mean using unhelping coping behaviors like misusing substances or engaging in disordered eating. Sometimes living with depression or anxiety can feel like  existing in molasses and it can be difficult to shake the fear or fatigue to through the day. Many of my clients have a history of trauma and have been living in white-knuckle, survival mode for years. Whatever it may be, I absolutely love helping my clients get unstuck.

I find that I work best with individuals who are so tired of being stuck that they are ready and willing to make some changes. I can’t change you. You have to change you and it is my great honor to be your co-pilot on this most noble journey.

I am not a blank-slate, smile and nod therapist. I view therapy as a team sport, and I want to be right in there with you. I’ll push you to get out of your head and connect with your emotions. I bring up self-compassion and self-care…a lot.  My objective is to create a safe place for you to heal and move forward.

Give me a call today for a free consultation or to set up a first visit.

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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